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Another finish touch up question


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I carelessly knocked over my PRS Vela and made a tiny 1/8th in. diameter chip in the finish on the back of the neck. It is just the paint and not into the wood. No biggie really but I’d like to see if I could touch it up, assuming I could find a matching color (ice blue metallic). As I’m sure PRS isn’t going to sell me anything, would I be better off trying auto touch up (acrylic) or hobby enamel? I’m not looking for perfection, just a reasonable camouflage.
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T Dizz

I've dropped auto paint to do touch ups before. , just be careful that it doesn't run. I dipped a tooth pick in the paint and dropped it in and then let dry completely. Good luck!


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I would hit the local auto parts store. Take the guitar with you or at least a picture. You will probably be able to find a close match. Then fill the crevasse a little at a time using layers of paint. Wet sand, compound and polish as you would a car. You can get it pretty close to unnoticeable.

Otto Tune

I was lucky, my PRS was black on the headstock, but I used fingernail polish. It's lacquer.
I went to Wal Mart, fingernail polish comes in 100 colors, I found the right one $4. No one could see the repair.
The first rule of fixing, "Don't make it worse". I agree with using a toothpick for the applicator.

If you have to fill a dent, I recommend "Locktite super glue GEL" The gel doesn't run, dries hard as a rock.
Buy it at Lowe's or HD. Tiny tube $3. Sand it with a fine grit like 800, polish smooth before painting.


Stephen, the metallics are very difficult to touch up. Best bet would be to take the guitar to the parts store and see if they have anything close. But it will more than likely be darker in that one little spot than what the paint actually looks like. maybe try a silver instead.

Ron Kirn

I would call PRS, ask what type of finish was used (reference the serial number) and what they recommend... They have used some modern formulations for their finishes and you MAY make it worse by adding a drop of something non-compatible.

Ron Kirn

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