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Another Floyd Poll: End The Set with Run Like Hell or Comfortably Numb?

What is a better song to end the show?

  • Comfortably Numb

    Votes: 28 53.8%
  • Run Like Hell

    Votes: 24 46.2%

  • Total voters


Silver Supporting Member
Numb. Our keyboard player would fade us out with some trippy space sounds.
If we had an encore, it would be something fast paced


FenderJapan, where is your band going to play (once the lockdown is over, of course). I sure hope it's in northern or central California!


If you’re in a Floyd tribute long enough you’ll end up doing every possible permutation (Numb w/no encore, Numb w/RLH encore, RLH w/Numb encore, Numb+RLH w/no encore, RLH+Numb w/no encore, Numb+RLH double encore, RLH+Numb double encore).