Another great one goes too soon..


Me too. You HAVE to pick up a copy of his latest album, put on headphones and read the lyrics.

I'm still missing CW. I saw him twice the year before he died.

Another great one who's gone-Rainer Ptacek.


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Somehow I missed this news altogether. I'm sorry to hear this.


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Very sad news...we saw Vic perform about a month ago, and had a long chat with him prior to that. He seemed very positive about what he was doing, and deservedly so; his new record, At the Cut, ranks with his best work, and the live show was stunning.

But he'd struggled with suicidal depression for a long time, and the financial burden placed on him by the American health-care system seems to have pushed him over the edge. (Or so it seems; of course, we'll never know everything he was thinking...)

This song is so gorgeous I cried when I first heard it (well before his death), and then played it five or six times in a row:

I wish he'd stayed "not ready" a little longer...

(Guitar obsessives might also want to check out Ghetto Bells, which features exceptionally beautiful playing from Bill Frisell, and Silver Lake, with Doug Pettibone handling the leads...)


Thanks Guys,

I'm glad to see that I am not mourning alone. I was starting to wonder. He was certainly less popular than he should have been despite his monster talent.

I will check out the new album and the YouTube link. Besides the new album, which other albums of his should I check out? He had a bunch so I won't be able to afford all of them for a while. Please let me know your favorites.


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