another I want a plexi in a box thread...sorry!



I got the newest KOTB and it's pretty right on. My amp is single-ended and has only a volume control so I kinda wish this had a little more EQ section BUT to be honest it really doesn't need it. Can be a little brittle with my Tele but that's a common thing with the twang-caster.


Let me preface this by saying the following: yes, I have searched, RELENTLESSLY and OBSESSIVELY about the following topic and YES I know exactly what gear was used in the bands I will mention later….

I have an excelsior amp and a road worn tele that I play most of the time. Sold my Rivera and countless other amps in the past because they fell short. The excelsior was a gift, from my wife, and therefore I am not getting rid of it. I also happen to enjoy it.

What I am looking for: that Free/Humble Pie tone (yes, the sacred plexi tone) out of a pedal that I can run into my amp. I have NEVER been a pedal guy for gain/OD/distortion so this is new territory and is obviously a well-documented quest for others as well.

Here’s what I have had my eye on:

Box of Rock
Purple Plexi (800)
Catalinbread DLS MKII
Rothwell Hellbender
Rockett Pedal Animal OD

I fully understand that they are all different animals. I also understand most of the bands above used HB-loaded guitars. I also have a 67 RI V and two Guild S100s.

I will most likely have to buy sight unseen. I am not new to the game and will have to buy used and resell if it isn’t my bag of potatoes. Am I missing anything and what do you guys recommend.

Examples of tone:

and then maybe the capacity to do like 90s soundgarden… I know, I want too much…

Vemuam Karen game over...


Lots of good pedals suggested, you might also want to check out Lumpy's Liquid Lead...a really nice take on a Plexi. Sounds damn good run through my Super Reverb, and I have a Super100JH right next to it.

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