Another Lovepedal Coupon Deal


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Is it April Fools day? It looks like there are no knobs on the pedal and instead 1/4" jacks on the face. And the description neither makes sense or describes the sound in the clip:

"Octave planet is a very warm, octave up, low gain, Ring Modulator
Ring Mod sounds are available when playing chords or open strings with this unit.
There are so many good sounds you can squeeze outta this baby it must be played to Believe…. Some of the best tones in this box come from running it IN FRONT of an overdrive instead of after a drive unit. Heavier tones become present with it after an Overdrive or Fuzz."

It's Sean's attempt to see if his fans will buy anything with the Lovepedal name on it. That's what I BELIEVE!

It's a Proctavia, what doesn't make sense about that? Pretty easy to understand. No adjustments, it just makes the sound that it makes. Seems like it'd be cool for hendrixy style leads, but that's about it?


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HC has reviews on the pedal going back several years. It's a LP reissue. It's not for me, but the FB group seems to like it. ymmv.


This has got to be the strangest marketing-nobody really knows what the pedals are when the coupon comes out. I've been tempted on a couple though, not so much this one.

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I heard an original. Cool pedal actually if that's your thing.

Lots of complaining from folks that aren't going to buy it anyway. LOL

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