Another newbish power supply question


So Ive done the research here and abroad and I think Ive got this figured out, just wanted to check with you guys first. It is my understanding that the pedal will only draw what it needs, correct? So is it safe to assume that I can get a Voodoo Labs Digital to run all of these pedals? Im looking at this one due to its low price. Also worth noting is I will be adding an El Capistan at some point. Thanks!

-Soul Food 22 mA
-HoF 100 mA
-Avalanche Run 425 mA(but read that Earthquaker says 400mA is ok)
-RC-30 195 mA



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Keep in mind, there are two sections on the Digital that are shared. The two-9/12 sections are isolated but realistically, only one tap from each section should be used especially if digital pedals are what you will be powering. If you intend to expand and get more pedals, I would consider other power supplies with ample mA for future considerations.

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One Spot CS7- or a number of other supplies. They get expensive but if you are adding more pedals- you need to power them- necessary evil.

Or run batteries in the pedals that can run batteries


In a similar price range is the Strymon Ojai...if you plan on only using 9v powered pedals it's a crazy good option. 5 outputs at 500ma each. It's very capable of powering lots of pedals if you aren't opposed to daisy chaining. In your case, you'd have an outlet for each pedal. It's small and very light.

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