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Another question regarding my strat...


I posted a thread about a week ago addressing the problem as to why there was no sound being amplified from my guitar! Well I resoldered a couple suspicious looking connections, and I got them to work again, but ONLY positions 2,3, and 4. My bridge only and neck only still do not work. However, positions 2 and 4 are not lowered in output at all. In addition, I teach a kid in guitar, and we use a jack that allows 2 guitars to be plugged in at once into an amp. If one guitar does not have any output, the other will not be amplified either. So this tells me there is something, but it's just not getting amplified? :dunno

Please help!


Gold Supporting Member
Can you take picks of the inside of the pickguard? So many things could be at fault from a bad ground to an improperly wired switch etc. Pics would help.


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