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Discussion in 'Builder's & Retailer's Forum' started by jackxiv, Apr 27, 2015.

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    Jul 18, 2014
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    ...named Curtis James (on this board) posted a wonderful consumer review of a Mario Guitars Aztec Gold "S" he bought recently. Curtis wrote a stellar review of the guitar and said some very kind things about our guitars and our small business. Thank you so much Curtis for your continued support and patronage.

    Curtis is a loyal customer. I have dealt with him many times on the phone and I always enjoy our interactions. He also wrote a stellar CONSUMER review of our guitars. He is a consumer of our guitars, in fact, I think he owns two with one on the way. He does not work for us, in fact we work for him; making him the guitars that he wants, exactly how he wants them. That is why, I am very confused as to why this wonderful review was taken down. Are consumer reviews not what this board is for?

    Anyway, Here are the pictures that got taken down.

    Mario Guitars "S" in stunning Aztec Gold. Owned by loyal and valued customer Curtis James.




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