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Another Swedish nut

Hey guys. Registerd yesterday much thanks to the "You pedalboard"-thread. Bloody hell I like those threads! Anywas. 21-year old swede. Play in three different bands. Gråben (swedish melodic punk), High Hopes (hardcore punk somwhere between champion and comeback kid) and Now We Run (thinking of a new name at the moment) which is more experimentall. Usually say we're somewhere between the perishers and dillinger escape plan soundwise...I do vocals and guitaring. And yeah.. I LOVE gear..especially pedals. If anyone has experience with the following please let me know. Keeley SD-1 and MT-2 or Boss RC20XL. Also I currently own a Keeley modded Tr-2 but since I discovered there's this monster called the Empress Tremolo I'm doubtfull. Anyone who's owned/owns both of these and has compared them are welcome to mail me about it. Really like the Keeley TR2 but the Empress seems sooooo much more usuable live and endless creativity to it. Am I wrong or not?

Favourite bands atm are: Oceansize, Chevelle, Dredg, Cult of Luna, Björk and Thrice. Even though it's totally uncool I have a real weakness for old radiofriendly nu metal and college pop punk a la New Found Glory. And yeah speaking of pop punk I reckon Paramore has a FEW pretty good pop tunes and that that hyped Hayley-girl sounds great live. Other than that I can go on for ages namedropping but I won't. Hope you guys will put up with me.

Oh yeah, don't know if this counts as political or not (admins be nice). I'm straight edge even though there's english blood in my veins....
Hi PanicProne,

Welcome to TGP. Say hi to the Swedish Bikini Team from us!

- Brett

Haha.. thanks man. And yeah.. I talked to the bikini team today. Since it's quite miserable and cold here at the moment they're officially the Swedish Duvet Jacket Team..but anyways, they send you their love! :p

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