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Another thread on Chinese copies.....

Matt Gordon

Senior Member
The Dean Hardtail Select (Korean) are killer guitars, but I've not found a Chinese guitar that was even close to Japan and Korean-made. The Mexican stuff is way better IMHO. These folks just don't get the whole trademark, patent, and all things business law.


WTF is this????????????

World's ugliest bass contest is over. We have a winner. Thanks for playing.


Well , there are a lot of ways to look at it both good and bad. Of course it's counterfitting, but what a person chooses to do with the item is really their own business. The guy that buys the $50 Rolex, is he really a Rolex customer ? And if that fake roller gives him pleasure and he doesn't try to resell it as real, then so what. The Chinese factorys would probably do better to not put anything on the headstocks at all. And just sell them as copy guitars. After all, where would many of todays companies ( Tokai, ESP. Ibanez) be if they had not made copy guitars.

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