Anti-GAS Tri-fecta Poll: The longest you've gone NOT buying, selling or trading gear?

What's the longest period of time you' gone without Buying, Selling and Trading gear?

  • 30 days or less

  • Between 30 - 90 days

  • Between 90 - 180 days

  • Between 6-9 Months

  • Between 9-12 Months

  • Over 1 year or more

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There may have been a period where i have gone a year or more without any GAStrations/GASquisitions.
Also, this may not be true.


From early-1980s to late-1990s, I bought 2 a year so over 50 instruments.

But I got just one in 2001, 2003, and 2006. After that two were given to me so that’s 5 guitars in 20 years.

But four keyboards or synths just this year! And a pair of modular software synths on the iPhone and the keyboard GAS is far worse and these things get obsolete in a year or two as they rely on the extreme growth curve of computers and smartphones.

For instance I got a bread and butter Ibanez Artcore and maybe I could swap out pickups but don’t have to.

A bread and butter keyboard is is my $229 dollar Casio workstation but in that range it’s nice and common to have something like a Korg EK-50 and maybe a Yamaha PSR E363, too. It’s pretty redundant but typical to have a triple tier. But then there are a couple of $99 dollar sound downloads and a need for maybe a Roland JD-Xi and/or Arturia Minibrute tiny synths to play concurrently with main digital piano.

But if you’re going to sport that then have an Akai MPC controller paired with a MacBook and get another tier. Novation and IK Multimedia make great mini synths too and one if those could fit.

Yamaha makes a good all around MX-49 and that would go nicely with a Roland Go Keys.

Don’t leave out Moog minisynth or a cool Yamaha Reface DX.

Alan Dunn

I've stopped fighting it. I went a year without buying any guitars and broke the trend this week with a Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder.

I did trade a Classic Vibe Strat and a Tokai LP Custom though so I'm down to 8 guitars now.



I haven’t bought a guitar for a long time (2004 50th Anniversary American Deluxe Strat), but I have bought other gear - amps, pedals, pickups, etc....

Lately I have been looking around for P90 guitar that speaks to me. I was originally considering a Historic Double Cut Special, but then started thinking about a Custom Shop Tele with P90s or perhaps an older ES-330. I’m not hung up on a certain guitar, more the vibe of the guitar with P90s. So I might break my 16 string of no guitar buying this year.



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From the 1975 through the early 90's I had only one guitar, a sunburst strat, and one amp, 50-watt Marshall Lead and a 2x12 cabinet. That's probably the longest period of not buying anything. Currently it's been about 18-months since I purchased any musical gear.


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I’ve been purchase free for... wait, forget it, I just bought a guitar while typing my response.


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My G.A.S. is almost "seasonal" is seems - haha. I start looking and getting interested in - even excited about - gear in late Spring and Summer. Then by late July or early August I have a custom guitar build happening. If it doesn't start then, it starts around October or November for the finished guitar to be delivered just before or after Christmas. By September or October I am buying different things: amps, guitars, pedals, etc. Then I cool off January through April or May, unless I happen to see something spectacular. I average 1-2 guitars per year and one amp per year, but...I also "sell" 1-2 guitars and one amp per year to hopefully keep it as close to cost neutral as I can. That doesn't always work...then I have to sell gear that I don't want to part with, in order get me back to cost neutral. G.A.S. - it is a chronic disease with sporadic bouts of severe the wallet!


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Went through a crazy phase. Now 12 hours in without buying/selling anything. I'm current and hip so I should be able to lay low to awhile.

Oh and focusing on paying off the mortgage helps!


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My very last gear purchase was march of 2013. What was it? A Klon. Yep. After that, no buying selling trading- got klon now I'm done.

I wish that didn't sound so stereotypically fanboy of me, but it is what it is.

Klon. The great GAS deflater. If I can't make music with THIS, then the problem is with me, not the gear. If I can't be happy with "the collection" with a Klon in the stable, the problem is me, not the gear. If the Klon's price didn't make my wallet cry tears of blood screaming No Mas, the problem is me, not the value of my gear.

Klon. The "look in the mirror" gear.

One thing that did fall off tho is that without new toys coming in, I do less "under the Xmas tree" demos. So now I actually have to pick up the guitar to play a song or practice a riff or something, instead of figuring out which pedal sounds more transparent.
Wow I posted that six years ago. Well since then the Klon left but I use a Centura now and tone wise I’m still of the same opinion, as far as pedals go.

I’m done with new acoustics too. But for electrics it’s still a moving target! Now I want a thin line hollow body of some sort...

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