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Sold Antiquity bridge PAFs, Rewind Custom Build Humbucker, Bad Cat footswitch


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Cleaning out the drawer, found some stuff collecting more dust than the rest,

2 Duncan Antiquity Bridge pickups
#1 reads 8.43k with 14in leads
#2 reads 8.48k with 6in leads

Both with cream rings. Boxes, bags and some papers with each.

$old shipped, each.

Rewind Electric Custom Wound Humbucker
I got this somewhere, sent it to James for his analysis:

"It's a custom build, no standard model, as I expected. Fairly low output with very high coil offset favoring the screw coil. This is something I would have custom made for a customer who had either a very dark guitar with a naturally muddy neck position or maybe something like a 60's Telecaster, with a very bright bridge pickup that needed a very clear and bright neck humbucker to match up with.

The magnet is an A5 and it's not any of my typical A5s. It could be that it was swapped out by someone else or it could be that it was a non-standard magnet I used. Occasionally, I have used other magnets for custom designs to meet a specific goal for a sound, and this pickup would certainly be a possible candidate for a decision like that. In any case, it's a very strong reading A5.

It's a very bright sounding humbucker. Scooped in the mids and really bright / jangly. I'd date the pickup at about 2014-2015."

Reads 7.32k with 13in leads.
$150 shipped

Bad Cat footswitch BCFS201 never out of the box, plastic intact. Channel and Reverb


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