Any BJF overdrive owners use Timmy's for stacking.


I never seen this topic in TGP. Both are extremely popular(for good reason) but don't seem to have too many owners in common. I'm thinking about stacking the Timmy into a Mad Professor MRD.... the Tim was designed with Marshalls in mind. Since the MRD is a Marshall in a box, seems like a perfect match.


i stack the timmy into almost all my ODs (klon, sweethoney) and my seventheaven... all sounds great... as i believe one of the greatest function of the timmy is actually a booster....

as the timmy is at unity gain when the volume is set at about 2pm and everything else at full CCW... (when this is set, there's not change of tone, volume, OD, sound to the bypass tone... almost like it's totally bypassed even when it's on... beauty of transparency)

you can start from there.. either adding gain, or cutting bass/treble...

don't know about the MRD tho... never owned one...


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When I had a Honey Bee, it sounded really nice with a Tim. Currently I've used a Tim to 'tame' a Candy Apple Fuzz and that's turned out to be a nice combination too. However, I prefer to let the CAF be the wild beast it's meant to be. LOL

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