Any colorsound wah users?


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I have a very rare Gary Hurst designed late 60s model with a 800mh inductor.
The RMC Wheels Of Fire Wah sounds very much like these. Big bass, muted highs, and a scooped midrange with a gritty growl. Kind of a synth like sweep. I also had a 70s Wah/Swell. Had a thinner tone and very good for funk. Really smooth and clean wah tone. There is no documented history on the Colorsound Wahs. Early Solasound Wahs were very similar to Vox Clydes in circuit design and came in a trapezoid shaped casing with the same chrome top as later Colorsound Wahs. These are extremely rare as well. Cool sounding wahs, but not the most road worthy.


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I asked Teese what JB used on Truth and he said while he wasn't sure he thought it might be a Colorsound. I asked what came closest in his line and he said Wheels of Fire wah. I bought it and love it. AbbeSauniere's description is spot on. I actually modded mine to get the midrange back as I thought it was a bit too scooped but it is by far my favorite wah. BTW, I had a Picture Wah and a RMC3 (in addition to a couple of Crybabys) before the Wheels of Fire.

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