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Any Difference Between Early "Oxblood" Historic Les Pauls and the Jeff Beck Oxblood.?


I have one of the older "Oxblood" 54 Historic Les Pauls
I LOVE that guitar. It is THE perfect guitar for Burstbucker 2 & 3 pickups. It's one of the few instruments I own that, straplocks not withstanding, I've left completely stock. I think Gibson discovered a bit late in its development that Jeff Beck was still under contract to Fender at the time, but released the model none-the-less. After Beck's contract with Fender expired, the Jeff Beck model came to be.

What (if anything), is the difference (beck's signature aside) between the two....?




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Don't appear as expensive as they used to be, ($8235?). The Bloomfield and Gibbons rather 'stole the show', (IMO).

That aside, seems the necks are more tailored to Jeff's one. Certainly, the top carve is more dished.
I own the new Jeff Beck VOS (about 8k USD in the shops). It's a great guitar.

AFAIK, the following things are different:

- nitrocellulose lacquer (it dents more easily than my R8)
- the right color
- the inlays color
- the Schaller tuners
- the top carve
- the shape of the neck? (I expect this to be a little more accurate)
- some hardware details
- almost forgot the best improvement: the new CTS pots - amazing

My R8 has all the upgrades imaginable, including some great PAT# humbuckers. The Jeff Beck pretty much destroyed it fresh out of the case.
BTW I am not dissing the old Oxblood, since I was about to get that one when I heard of Jeff's signature release. It's just a good guitar.

that said... I am pondering about building a 59 replica with a private builder, so I may need to let Jeff Beck go.


I have on '06 chambered Oxblood

great guitars ... I'd love to do a head to head comparison someday


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