Any Epi Sheraton Elitist Owner Out There?


Anyone out there very familiar with the Epiphone Sheraton Elitist? What do you think of it? How are the pup's (did you replace them or keep them stock?). How is the tone & playability. You know, the usual skinny....

Thx in advance.

mad dog

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I saw one used recently. Tried it out a couple times, really liked it, almost bought it. My only complaint was it was a bit on the heavy side. But sounded and felt quite good.


I sure like mine! It's a great player and I have no plans to change anything on it. It's just fine the way it is....



> You know, the usual skinny
Well the neck is on the slender side if that is a preference.

My first and only mini-humbucker guitar so don't have much to compare the pickups too, bright and clear comes to mind. I like the neck and middle positions but the bridge is too bright even for me and usually set the tone on about 5 for the back pickup. Have thought about trying different pickups but overall pretty happy with the way it sounds. Choices are a bit limited by the gold covers if you are replacing them. Have it strung with .010 flatwounds and in the middle position get a nice 60's pop type sound going.

Overall build guality, finish detail with the binding and inlays, playability, etc. are all excellent and probably a step or two above the $1,500 a new one will cost you. Negatives? The switch and pots could be better quality and the Epiphone E stuck on the pickguard was just cheap. For some there could be the Epiphone stigma too as well.


Here is the version I have. It is an excellent guitar. The build quality is as good as the higher end Gibson's and the playability is great but I agree with scott35 that the pots and switch are not the best so I replaced them. The mini's are brighter sounding than the regular humbuckers but I like them. I had a Les Paul Deluxe with mini's so I knew what I was getting.

It is a good idea to dial the tone pot back a bit on the bridge pickup. I have Snake Oil Vintage Nickel strings on mine (The same strings I use on my ASAT) and it sounds great, especially with an overdrive pedal or an overdriven amp.:RoCkIn


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