any es339 experts out there??


I've searched the net but i'm totally confused. So every es339 model has 2 neck variants, the 'thin' 30/60 and the fat one... But i see folks advertising guitars as the '3399' with a '59 neck. is this the same fat neck or a different 'fat' neck shape. Also, as a second question, I read there is a question over if there is any difference at all between standard and custom shop 339's? I read they are all made on the same production line... Can anyone help here?


I don't think every model that Gibson made came with either the 30/60 neck or the '59 neck. Some models came with the 30/60 neck and as far as I remember a specific "Gibson ES-339 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar with '59 Rounded Profile Neck" model. The fat neck was really the '59 rounded neck. I used to own one of each neck profiles.

The more recent version of the 339 call the current neck profile a Traditional C shape, which doesn't seem to be either the 30/60 or the '59 neck.

Also, somewhere along the way, I think they stopped saying and labeling the ES-339 a custom shop guitar. Both of mine had a custom shop sticker on the back of the headstock. Also mine came with Custom Shop cases.

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