Any experience with Ibanez Mandolins?


I've got a super cheap Rouge A style that my folks bought me as a christmas present years ago, and it sucks basically . Hard to play, just not fun. I really would like a fairly inexpensive F-Style mando, but I know to stay away from REALLY cheap ones like the Rouge. I played a Weber when I was out in Bozeman a few years ago and obviously loved it, but I'm not nearly good enough to justify something like that. I saw that Ibanez is making a mando now, and though it looked interesting as I've always been pleased with the construction of their guitars.

Here it is:

Any thoughts?


I'd check out the Rover RM 75...very nice sounding and playing mandolin for the money, and won't break the bank. Give The Mandolin Store in AZ a try...very nice people and obviously very knowledgeable about mandolins. They have something in every price range.


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Looks pretty nice. The fact that Ibanez steered away from the fancier aspects of many F-style mandolins (scroll headstock, excess binding) suggests that they focused on creating a good-sounding instrument.

However, after checking out the Rover that Beagle suggested, I have to aggree that if you can afford the extra $120, the Rover is worth it. The Rover is all carved, whereas the Ibanez is almost certainly bent; this makes a substantial difference in volume and sound quality. The Rover also comes with a case, but I don't think the Ibanez does.
First: you will get twice the mandolin for the $$$ if you buy used.

Second: you will get twice the mandolin for the $$$ if you skip the curli-cue strap holder.

My recommendation: a used Kentucky A-model with solid, carved top. Additionally, Weber has a wide-raging line of mandolins, all (I believe) with solid carved tops. Some dilligent searching may produce a used, lower-end Weber (Mandolin Cafe classifieds, craigslist, eBang, et cetera) at a decent price. I would skip Ibanez, MK, Monroe Morgan.

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