Any experience with RODE S1


I am using a TC Harmony G XT for tone shaping and harmony fills and our current crop of mics are feeding back horribly when I am not standing directly in front of it.. With both a SM58 and Heil PR20 the TC causes feed back and chatter. I know...quit using the TC :eek:
I know that the gate in the TC isn't the best, but I have read that the feedback rejection of the Rode is supposed to be pretty good.

We play on some pretty small stages and the stage volume carries the room. I have my amp and the bass player on my side of the drums.

We all have floor monitors.

The setup is not going to change much, so I need the best feedback proof mic I can afford.:cool:


I've never been able to gate a vocal mic onstage w/a rock band - the snare will always trigger it.

Try backing off the compression on the TC, that's what's probably causing the feedback.

You should also all be using the same make/model of mic, and have a 31-band EQ on the Monitor Send.


I had one of those and the culprit turned out to be the harmony processor. When you're not using it, turn the harmony volume down to zero and that should help quite a bit.

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