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Any feedback on the Tascam DP02?


I've been considering getting a higher end multitracker and was wondering if anyone here has experience with the Tascam DP02. How are the preamps? How are the effects? Is there a modeller for guitars and bass? Also, doesn't it have virtual tracks like the Boss stuff? Since there's no built in drum machine, how is it at MIDI connectivity to a drum machine? Any other feedback?


If it only does 16 bit, forget it, and get the Tascam 2488. I have one, and I love it. For what it costs, it pretty much unbeatable.


We had a Yamaha AW1600 to record demos -- worked very well and not that hard to figure out. It does 24 bit too.


Ok cool, for the first time being on this board I can offer some hands on advice!

Heres the short version: Excellent, ease to use (even after reading the manual), great sound quality at this price and even has an effects loop which many other multitracks do not have with the exception of the Fostex HD16.

Now a little in depth: I have the compact flash version, prices for these cards have gone down and are quite affordable the bigger sizes out there. I record myself but two tracks can record at the same time so forget recording an entire band in a live situation with two or more mics, but regardless this thing is so damn simple to use, format, save cut paste and edit, usb connectivity if you do not have a compact flash reader, the Hard Drive version comes with effects along with a the ability to burn cds as well. There is a MIDI OUT that will can hookup to a drum machine no problem, modelers no, but like I said the hundred dollar DP02 comes with the effects and not the hundred dollars less DP02CF that I have (same unit just more barebones)

But honestly, if you have your sights on a more "high end" MT, I'd go with the above selection or any of the other fine selections out there, but I'm glad I could give back some information and help that I find here on these boards! Good luck!

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