(Any Genre or Era ) THE finest exponents of vocal harmonies you can think of ?


When I think of the cream of the crop and pinnacle of vocal harmonies, for me 1977 to 1979 Bee Gees set the bar astonishingly high, and all without auto tune , trickery and stuff like that. IMO the Bee Gees during that era defined vocal harmony excellence, who do you pick for the thread ?

marvin cobain

Some of the greatest vocal music I know is classical, but I'm not sure if we could mention classical and modern composers (from Lassus to Gesualdo to Rachmaninoff, Maurice Ohana, Ligeti or David Hykes).
This is one of my absolute favorites:

Outside classical music the Hi-Lo's (especially the sophisticated arrangements of Clare Fisher, a major influence on Herbie Hancock by the way), Take 6.
In pop music the obvious Beach boys, but the Free design too.
And I remember Lewis Taylor using some great vocal harmonies on his Lost album.


I still remember Dave Marsh writing of this one in his book The Heart of Rock and Soul: The 1,001 Greatest
Singles Ever Made
in the early 1990s: "You could say the Beatles improved from here but not that they
got better, because rock and roll doesn't get better than this." (Good thing the clip from A Hard Day's
is still around---they had the Beatles mime to the record for the scene---since the Beatles have
been pulled from YouTube mostly . . . ) It might be their greatest harmony performance among their
early hits, too . . .


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