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Any Gibson Explorer fans out there? .......

Dr. Tweedbucket

Deluxe model available !!!11
I've never even played one, but traded a SG for one yesterday. It's a really good sounding guitar and not as uncomfortable as I imagined it would be. It has a flamed maple top and the mahogany back and neck. I think I'll hang onto it for a while :)


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The Explorer shape says Rock and Roll all over it - the Dean Z is my favorite of that genre.


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what about hamer standards? the one in the pic is a '97 with a one piece body. amazingly lightweight, somewhere in the 8.5lb range and rings like a bell. plays great and hangs on the strap perfectly. just a slight neck tilt up and very comfortable to play.



It's All Been Done Before
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Arguably, the finest Gibson I've ever owned/played was '76 Explorer - God do I miss that guitar. There are some things I don't like about the Explorer - namely, the lower bout got in my way, but everything else about that guitar rocked. Easy upper fret access, beefy tone with a really fast response, and it just looked badass. The tone on my old Explorer I swear wiped the floor with any Les Paul or SG I've tried - it was such a powerful and unique sounding beast. I will get another one someday.

Crazy Carl

Oh yeah! Love 'em. Vees, too.

Duncan 59/JB combo in 'er & covers all bases rather nicely (tho it absolutely RAGES thru my Recto). Took it to an open mic blues jam once & it spent the entire evening being played & checked out by everyone who played.


I had a 1982 Black Explorer that I absolutely loved. I sold it to a friend that said I could buy it back anytime I wanted. Well we are no longer friends and have not spoken in 12 years. I miss the guitar, yea and the friend to. I sold it when I stopped playing for about 5 years. Dumb!:( It was not anything special but it played really well and had a great sound. It was my first name brand guitar $699 in 1982.

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