Any good Pro Tools books?


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I just got Pro Tools LE set up and I was wondering if there were any good "how to" manuals out there that are good for newbies. Just playing around for a few hours I figured out how to actually set up tracks and record but I'm definitely going to need some guidance going forward...

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Truth be told, the best book for ProTools is the Reference Guide that comes with it. My first two years with PT I was going to the book constantly, at least once every session. I don't know if they still print hard copies, but if so it would be worth getting (PDF manuals bigger than just a few pages are a pain in the ass, IMO). Just keep on recording and looking things up as you go.

There was a book a few years ago called ProTools Power that was pretty good as an addendum. But the Guide is better. There may be others that have come out since.


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I have the Mbox, so I am pretty much without a "real" guide. Since I am so new at this and realize how much time and practice it takes to get proficient, I just invested in the Thomson guides for both Reason and Pro Tools LE. I figure I will wear them out in the next few months.

Thanks for the input.

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Originally posted by MichaelK
Truth be told, the best book for ProTools is the Reference Guide that comes with it.
Yep. There is a lot of great information in that book and each time I go back to it I learn something new.

If you already have that and are looking for something more like "Pro Tools for Dummies" then head on over to your local Borders or Barnes and Noble and look through the music section. It seems like there were several titles for Pro Tools, some of which walked through what a typical session would need to have/do.



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I struggled with PT and the Mbox for a while. I tried PT for Dummies which is pretty good but I was still a little unsure. Then I found a set of videos from called Enter Pro Tools.

While fairly basic, it was what I needed to get me started. Now I feel confident with the basic operations in PT.