Any Kustom love?


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I played through some in the 70s.

Sorry... no love at all... Yuk.

comfy to sit on, though...


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But is 70's Kustoms the same as Kustoms today???
My old Orange is incredible, but I know straight up that Orange amps today...well, I'd rather plug my guitar jack into a beehive, and keep my hand in it.

John Coloccia

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I played through this today:,

and dug it large time. Any owners/users out there? How do the speakers hold up? Reliability issues? I've only ever really had my mid 70's Orange OR120 and that thing is indestructible, but it and 4x12 are starting to be a pain in the back for rehearsals. I could do with something a bit easier to carry round.


I actually really like the Coupes. I guess it depends what you're doing with it, but if it's working for you, then great. I thought maybe they had problems with tubes running hot at one point, but I haven't heard anything about that in a while so I'm guessing that I either heard wrong, or the problem's resolved.

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