Any Les Paul Project Guitars Out There?

Gas Hed

I gotta believe I'm not the only person who is GASing for the Murphy Lab Les Pauls that have been in the news but will never be able to spend the coin they ask for. I was at G.C. the other day and saw a used Classic for less than $1500 and it got me thinking. What is I got the classic and it became my project guitar? Take it apart, age the hardware, change the finish via one of the very good finishers out there, swap pups if needed and walla - you have a Home Lab Les Paul and saved about 4k. Thoughts?


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I had an aged finish done by one of the top guys in the business for refinishing vintage Gibsons - great work and worth every penny but it was a lot of money. I think it's one of those the closer you go to Murphy quality the closer you'll end up spending to Murphy money.

Fun project if you can do a fair bit of it yourself though. I did one with an old basket case 70s Deluxe, refinished it myself and it came out ok. I did it three times over until I was happy though!

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