Any love for Bogner ATMA?

Joe Porto

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I don't see much talk about these. I have a pair in Helios style headboxes. One sits on top of my Friedman BE-50 and can go toe to toe at low to moderate volumes. It's such a versatile amp, and the single knob clean channel is killer, particularly with pedals.

Is it that the lighted knob labels are too gimmicky? Or the weird metal chassis? Lack of standby?

So who out there is rocking the ATMA???


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I don't have one but a bunch of my friends do. Amazing amp that does a whole lot of great tones, with all the knobs you need and none you don't. IMO it's the ultimate tiny amp.
Great amp!

I like mine a whole lot. Mine is in the Helios headshell.

Very versatile amp. Loud 18 watts

No standby is not a big deal - set to tube rectifier before turning it on. It will warm up just fine


I tried one and thought it sounded sweet. Sent it back for a Ecstasy 3534 which I thought was a lot more amp for just a little more money. Loved the power scaling on the ATMA though… wish I could have kept both.
I hooked up my Atma again today. I think my new 50 watt Plexi has a power tube going bad but it may have just been a power fluctuation in my electrical. I needed to check to make sure it wasn’t a power tube in my Fryette PS2 though, so I pulled out the Atma and set it to 18 watt setting. Cranked it up a good deal through the PS2. Definitely not the PS2 with any issue.

I‘ve been running that Plexi cranked for 2-3 hours a night since I got it. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was either a power fluctuation or one of the tubes in it.

The Atma really is a flexible amp. It can nail 80’s metal like crazy when set to 80’s setting and no other boost or OD needed. On the 70’s setting it’s like a hot rodded Plexi. Definitely more gain than my 50 watt Plexi.

60’s setting can do very good early Black Sabbath also.

Dial the gain back on the 70’s setting and it does good Zeppelin. Dial it up a ways and it’s that VH1 sound.

Good loop on it.

I‘m really glad I have it just for the occasion where I might need to take another amp in to get re-biased and new matched pair of tubes (I’m no amp tech, that’s for sure). I think I would take the Atma and a 212 cab for playing with other musicians instead of my modeler. It’s a small head and my SV212 cab is light enough.


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Yes sir! Love my Atma. Super versatile and the attenuation is a fantastic bonus. Ran mine in the 5 watt mode at a jam the other night. It felt great.
Long live the ATMA!

Del Mar

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Atma is a lot of fun and feels good under the fingers even at low volume. It also drives a 412 just fine for live use although it has a pretty soft attack.. It is really greasy and forgiving and has a wide range of tones on tap.

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