Any love for Shuggie Otis ?

HUGE fan here

The Luaka Bop reissue+ of “Inspiration Information” (~2002?) changed my life profoundly

Genius songwriter and a great player, tons of vibe


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He was like 15 when he recorded freedom flight.
Inspiration Information is an amazing album to record at any age, almost unbelievable he came up with that in his teens. The Brothers Johnson owe Shuggie a great debt!
I have loved Shuggy Otis since I first heard Freedom Flight in 1971 when it came out. One of my favorite songs... of many.

Big fan here...amazing stuff. Recently got the vinyl reissues for Freedom Flight and Inspiration Information, just terrific.



Big fan of his dad - one of the architects of r&b, band leader, musician, community leader, organic farmer - very interesting guy. Shuggie is a great talent - how could he not be with that kind of dad!

Dickie Fredericks

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Yes, I discovered him after finding out he wrote Strawberry Letter 23 (which is my top 10 of greatest songs ever).

He has his own thing and I dig that.

The Brothers Johnson version IMO is far better. Quincy Jones' production is off the charts. Harvey Mason on Drums and Rit on guitar. Both eventually in Fourplay.
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Guitar Dave T

Wow, I never heard him do that Strawberry song. I was 15 in 70 and this was the first stuff I heard. And his Dad had a radio program we could listen to. A very tasty player.

My brother and I were taking guitar lessons together in a small N. Dallas music store around 1971 from a local blues guy who gave us a cassette recording of Shuggie's Boogie to take home. This was MASSIVELY influential.

It really opened the door for me into a whole new & exotic world, and I went on to listen and steal from a lot of his stuff, along with a lot of other blues massive blues influences:

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