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Any love for the Ibanez FZ7 Fuzz?


Actually, I played with it a couple days ago and was getting a pretty good over-the-top fuzz sound, then I realized I had the switch on the lowest setting and the gain/fuzz knob on zero. It has that much fuzz. It's kind of fun to get the meltdown, amp's about to blow sounds.
it have it's own kind of fuzz imo. it can't nail any of those vintage fuzzes. but i don't mind, i've an OD that can emulates old fender amp, therefore i've a choice to make the sound like an old sounding fuzz or not. i'm really loving this thing. it's kinda underrated.

the damage switch is cool. tho' it's not really a nice 'starving' sound and have a periodic gated effect, still acceptable. to a normal listener, they wont spot any differences.

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