Any love for the trex yellow drive.


Picked one up just on a whim thinking fair price 2 channel pedal. After using it for a couple months and playing out with it I think I would have paid twice the price. It's just a plain old school rock pedal. The od is very reminescent of a good ts 808 not sure if that is what circuit they used and the distortion side is almost dead on with my crunch box. For the monies you can't go wrong.


I really like my Yellow Drive. I originally purchased it with the notion that I could use it like a rhythm and lead boost all in one box, but ultimately I went a different route. I use the 'A' channel into a clean, cranked tube amp for my primary rhythm sound, and the 'B' channel for some solos where I need more gain. You can use the 'B' channel for a small boost, like maybe 5db, but I prefer to dial in 2 distinctive tones and use an EQ pedal for boost.

For me, the OD sound and feel is just perfect. After all the "cringe" comments, I'm reluctant to even try to describe the tone, but it definitely sounds to me like my old TS-9 (stolen from me years ago... *sniff*). Here's where I'll draw fire - I bought an OCD a few months after the YD; after a few days with both, I decided there wasn't much to the OCD I couldn't get out of the YD. Took the OCD back.

I've wondered why I haven't seen more of them on here; I think it's a heck of a deal for the money, and it's a keeper on my board.

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