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Any love for Vigier Expert Texas blues?


I'm into a Strat typo guitar without any hum plus Stainless Steel frets.

The availables are Suhr, Tom Anderson and Vigier.

Suhr is very pricey, and my Suhr modern is very surhish already.

I have a vigier expert texas blues around. And the price is reasonable, haven't tried it yet, will do. But is there any other users of that axe? I don't see that much reviews or videos around.

How bout it? :)


I have a Vigier Excalibur Supra. I love Vigier's.
I would like to get a Retro '54 as well.
I bought mine without having had a chance to try any Vigier first. I did have Fender Master Built strats, andersons, and Suhr. The Vigier was way out in front by a mile.

Did you know that all Vigier guitar wood is aired dried for years prior to using it. The wood is grown in France. The same qualiity wood is used on every Vigier. They do not give lesser grade wood to any model they make. They have a carbon fiber truss rod which keeps the guitar neck set up perfectly no matter what gauge strings you use, or the weather conditions. There are a lot of other things about Vigier that puts them in front of everyone. Go to their website and read up. It's very entertaining. Vive le France


Senior Member
How about the model individually?
I had one for a while years back. It did the strat thing great and the build quality was as good as anybody.

Craig Erickson is a long time user of one.


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