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Any One Compare Subdecay Echo Box and Freakshow Digilog


Gold Supporting Member
Any One Compare Subdecay Echo Box, MXR Carbon Copy, and Freakshow Digilog?
If so, What do you think?


Yes, I would love to hear this two. Feature wise, the Digilog has that feedback or oscilation switch, and of course the Echo Box has modulation but I wonder about how they sound.


I can only speak for the Digilog but it has been the single delay on my board for > six months. Generally, it is pretty warm for a digital delay but retains all the clarity you would expect.

The "feedback switch" is wild. Even if I could find another delay that sounded a little better I doubt I would give up that switch. My primary observation is that when I place it after dirt the feedback gets very loud very fast. When placed before dirt it creates a big wash of feedbacky repeats that stay at a constant and manageable volume. BUT the feedback stays even when you lift your foot off the switch. Nice for creating the cliched wall of feedback sound at the end of a gig. At least that's how it works with my rig, YMMV.

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