Any other Music Man Albert Lee owners noticed this?


I bought this guitar a few years ago, but don't play it much, because I can't seem to get the stock Seymour Duncan pickups to twang, the way that other owners seem to be able to--at least on YouTube.

I am playing the Albert Lee (Ball Family Reserve) into a 1954 Fender Pro and a 1966 blackface Vibrolux Reverb. The pickups sound fine in a sort of regular Strat pickup way, but they don't twang, even at volume. Seems strange on an instrument that was specifically designed with a tone-block to enable this kind of sound.

I am reasonably competent at major-pentatonic, twangy runs on my Teles--and even on my new Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar--but I can't seem to get the Albert Lee's custom Duncan pup to twang the way that everyone else seems to be able to.

Anyone else noticed this on their Albert Lee?


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