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Any Patrick Eggle (electric) players here?


I'm relatively new to The Gear Page. I have a '70 Gibson LP Goldtop, a Fender '52 AVRI Tele (Coppercaster) and an Epi 1961 50th Anniversary SG Special. All are great guitars, but I have another guitar that I've yet to hear much about on this forum (after doing a search): my '93 Patrick Eggle New York Standard.

Here she is:

This is a fantastic guitar that I acquired late last year from 30th Street Guitars in NYC. It's 6.2 lbs and its light weight is really great for my bad back...

Are there any other Eggle players here? Show yourselves!

- Sean V.



Welcome to TGP. I did sell a Eggle 93 NYC standard through 30st st guitars in NYC. Great guitar. I tried to bond to it, but I've gone to C+ or D size fender necks. It was a great guitar.

- RAH3


Patrick is a British builder who started out building high-end, PRS-style guitars. Sold the company mid-to-late 90s and moved to the states. While here he made the transition to building excellent flattops. I have had three of the, and still have a Linville-- similar to an OM that will always be with me. Immaculate work and finish, high quality, easy to play. and great tone. Patrick moved back to the Uk in the early 2000s. It was during that time I bought my and Saluda, more like a Jumbo. . The Linville, I love: The Saluda I wasn't ready to play and do t justice. Third I had was an Etowah. I loved this guitar by it sadly paled somewhat to my Santa Cruz OO SkYE. Great builder, and great guy. Below are the shot of the three guitar and a like to an interview I did with Patric a few years ago. Ago, a gentleman.

Here is an early interview did with Patrick if you are interested. http://gearforguitar.com/podcasts/gfgepisode5.1.mp3




Dave Wakely

I have three:

New York Broadway (maple-topped, semihollow) - lovely, v light and surprisingly powerful
LA Pro 22 - a STrat variant with better top-fret access, which came to me with Blue Lace Sensors
New York Standard - which now has a Bare Knuckle Mule at the bridge

Lovely guitars, although they tend to:

A) have rather small necks - not a problem for me
B) be rather bright. I've swapped pickups and pots to tame the top end a little, but that again is personal preference.

Craftsmanship is excellent on all three, and they're seriously underpriced for the quality at present. (talking about the originals here; the recent ones are quite pricey.) And yes, the man himself is a proper English gent.


I don't own one but I visited teh factory a couple of times back in the mid 90s (I think just after Patrick sold the company.

They were fantastic electrics and some of the tops that Patrick managed to find were incredibly unusualy and would have put any PRS private stock I've ever seen to shame.

I think I have a 93/94 catalogue somewhere but it was the vintage classic that I loved the most. And Pink Glow was my favourite colour, very much like a brighter, deeper version of the Music Man EVH pink...


I own several Patrick Eggle guitars from the '90's and they're all well made and good sounding instruments. My favourite is my Berlin Deluxe:-



I currently have 14 Patrick Eggles, except of a 1981 Tokai Love Rock GoldTop, it's the only brand of guitars I own.

For me these are the best guitars out there (the 90's versions) the neck sare super and suite me very well.

If you guys can source one be sure to try them out!

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