Any Shoegaze Fans?


Love the Pale Saints for writing unique and clever pop songs.

Moose made a great shoegaze single called Jack...

Catherine Wheel objectify a car like a woman "Black Metallic" or a Porsche like a lady lol... so good!

Post-Smiths and pre-shoegaze The House of Love Christine(Ride and Catherine Wheel were admirers)



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i'm confused where shoegaze ends and britpop starts

Shoegaze was rather anti-fame - the cliche at the time was 'we do what we do and if anyone else like it that's a bonus'. Britpop was much more driven to get into the charts and on Top Of The Pops, play to huge crowds of adoring fans etc. That meant short, catchy singles and go easy on the 6 minute walls of sound (although both Suede and Blur were more than capable of turning in that sort of track) It also came on the back of the 60s revival of the late 80s giving way to a 70s version, so Bowie and Bolan were suddenly the bench mark and being over the top was de rigeur. In retrospect, there wasn't as much difference between the genres as there seemed at the time.

This was Suede's big 'shoegaze' track - they did a live chat to go along with a video premier last month and as soon as this song came on started reminiscing about shoegaze and the guitarist's Slowdive obsession.



Newer shoegaze might include Teenage Wrist (love these guys!), Ringo Deathstar, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Cheetahs, just to name a few.


Big shoegaze fan, especially Slowdive. Loved their last album, and I’m excited that they’re working on a new one. I’m never quite sure if shoegaze is the same as dream pop, but I really dig some of those bands, like Cocteau Twins. Beach House is a cool, more recent shoegaze/dream pop band.


Same era but Britpop was more radio friendly with intelligible lyrics and guitars that sounded like… traditional guitars. This is Britpop. Compare to above.
There's actually a cover of one of those songs by the band Flying Saucer Attack that could be thought of as the shoegaze version.

Flying Saucer Attack was basically one or two people with a 4-track. Were they shoegaze? The argument could be made.



Tail-end of the '80s through to the mid '90s was my gig-going heyday, so I pretty much got to see the lot in one setting or another. A really great undervalued 1st gen shoegaze band were Bleach. Their first few EPs and debut LP were fantastic, and they were great live. They were main tour support for a lot of the "bigger" shoegaze bands in the UK (definitely saw them with both Swervedriver and Ride) and I think the songs still hold up.

Adorable were the quintessential transition band...shoegaze sounds with a much brasher, cockier britpop attitude. As a result they were viewed as neither one nor the other, and kind of slipped through the net. Saw them a few times, and they had an edge live that their records didn't quite capture.

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