Any Shoegaze Fans?

Walter Boots

I did my share of hallucegenics back then,so I enjoy most britpop,shoegaze,blackgaze stuff.I like it trippy and catchy.
But my favorite shoegaze/dreampop band is Brooklyn's Weedhounds-(shameless Nepotism dept-my son is the guitarist/male singer)They made a couple 7 inches and 12 inches,and are pretty dormant lately(he's playing in a few other groups too),but they could rise again.


I kind of think of it as a 90s extension of psychedelic rock, even more inward. Some of the bands were closer to to the grunge stuff, especially influenced by Dinosaur Jr. (which had a similar wall of guitars with this low key vocal in the middle).

the Verve, Catherine Wheel and Swervedriver were more 'rock' band, but at the edges it gets more abstract with groups like Flying Saucer Attack or say 'Pygmailon' by Slowdive.

I think lots of the 'dream pop' that is popular now like Beach House (which a lot of other artists nicked parts of their sound) kind of feeds back to this stuff and say earlier 80s stuff like Echo and the Bunnymen in a way.

There definitely is some records out there that deep listeners of rock music to find in this 'scene'. If you dig Floyd, I would figure you would like some Catherine Wheel.


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Lution: thanks for the props for the Colorado bands. Volplane was Jeff Suther's project. Next was Bright Channel. His current band is Pale Sun. Listen to all that on his Bandcamp site, I've seen Jeff play many times with Bright Channel and then Pale Sun. I wasn't in Denver during the Volplane days.


I see that someone has referenced Loop...I worship Loop and their little universe, whatever one calls it. Maybe they started metalgaze? This is universe-building:

Eventually, that sound led to this.