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Any Thoughts on the Boneyard Pedalboard


"I'm losing my edge, but I was there..."
I appreciate the simple design but unless it's made of carbon fiber and comes with power that's insanely overpriced.
If you look any of the "homemade" pedal board threads you see much nicer boards made by TGP for half the price.


i bought one when they first came out and were much more reasonably priced. it's very well built, has excellent carpet for velcro, and is a nice size for my needs. i really like the angle that it sits at as well. it is quite heavy though - no issues otherwise in the past 4-5 years of rehearsal and gigging.

as the previous poster stated there may be others with a better price point.


I nearly bought one a couple of years ago but all the stores I checked were out of stock at that time.

Street Price looks like $170.

Bag is $50 but I couldn't find one in stock.

High prices but I bet it is really solid. Radial is known for great build quality.

I like the looks of it.


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