Any tips for Removing Tuner that has been super glued to guitar?


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I have a project guitar that I put different tuners on and I was filling some chips with thin CA that somehow dripped into the tuner hole in the headstock and now the tuner is basically glued in... Was going to wait a few days to see if the CA can be loosened by twisting... Is there anything else I can try?


I one had a similar incident with a drop fill in an odd spot. Superglue made it's way down the trem plate after I had left the guitar to dry. I figured I could just pull of the plate and clean up the residue but ended up taking a significant amount of the finish and paint off.

Do what I should have done. Use razorblades or anything that you can to break up that glue before you try to free that tuner. There may be better advice coming though, maybe wait and se what the other techs suggest.


Heat the tuner with a solder iron/gun.
Stop before you melt the finish around the tuner.
Solder gun will work faster but is a little more risky.

mike shaw

What kind of finish is on the guitar? If it's lacquer, I would try to score around the tuner with a sharp razor blade and gently tap it from different directions. Go slow and gently. The razor lines will hopefully reduce the possibility of large finish chips but you will likely have some minor fills to make.
If it's polyester or some other kind of catalyzed finish, you can try wicking some acetone under the tuner to dissolve the super glue and gently try to move the tuner. You will likely need to work slowly with the guitar at various angles to get the acetone where you want it to go. CAUTION - place a small drop of acetone somewhere hidden (in a cavity etc.) to see how it reacts to your finish. If there is no reaction, you're good to go. Remember to check your peghead etc. for any plastic, vinyl etc. Acetone will eat that too!

PS. Heating the tuner MAY work but you have to be very careful not to overheat. Also, be aware that there may be some nylon washers etc. in the tuner (as well as lube) that may not take kindly to the heat.


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+1 to all the above; nitromethane will also quickly wreck nitro lacquer, though.

with that or acetone, if you have a poly finish you have a shot, but definitely test a hidden area first.

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