Any TRI-Metal users out there? chime in..

I don't know how this pedal slipped by me, but I finally got one and quite honestly Im just amazed by it. The Tone that can be had with this pedal is Fantastic and it's quiet as hell without any additional noise reduction being used. Built like a tank too.Great for that FAT CHUNK Drop D stuff, which is what I use it for. If you use or have used one please chime in ..


I dig it. Definitely worth noting that it's voiced with dowwntuning and baritones in mind. Here's a take I posted elsewhere a while back...

Per Zoom: "The TM-01 Tri Metal uses its three stage cascading gain circuit to accentuate heavy phrases as it is best matched for lower register and 7-string guitar voicings." So they're thinking 7-string, baritone, and/or downtuned situations. Plus it's brewtally scooped even with mids at noon (the range control will impact this as well though).

Zoom's assumption is that the HL-01 covers normal six-string high-gain needs, but the TM-01 can definitely sound good not so much chuggachuggin' as chorkachorkin' with a reg'lar standard-tuned six-string. Best practices for quieting teh can o'bees:

Output volume > gain
This cannot be emphasized enough. Start with gain at min and turn the output volume up. The pedal's going to sound thin until VOL is around noon, and increasing GAIN will only make it worse. Once you've got a nice full sound, you can increase GAIN to taste, adjusting VOL as necessary. The interaction doesn't take long to get the hang of.

Teh EQz0r is powerful
The mids on this beast are brewtally scooped even with mids at noon, and the MID and RANGE controls are highly interactive. Don't be afraid to try extreme settings on MID and BASS.

For anything before the Recto Era, you want the HL-01 Hyper Lead
The TM-01 is not here to do AC/DC. The TM-01 is not here to do Priest. The TM-01 is not here to do 80s metal. The TM-01 is here to CRUSH ALL IN ITS PATH. If you're looking for a merely "high-gain" tone, you are a p*ssy and the TM-01 wants none of you. It's frankly already amused by the 10" speaker you're running it through in your bedroom and expecting teh br3wtalz. And offended by the Metal Zone comparisons that will be forthcoming.

Definitely likes an amp with some headroom and a cab that can push some air.

Here's the link for the manual .pdf, which has some recommended settings that might be worth a try...



It's a great pedal that is often ignored for who knows what reason. It's everything the metal-zone was supposed to be but isn't. My semi-hollow es-137 loaded with P90's sounds like a pure metal machine with it and it only gets better with more appropriate guitars. I really just use mine at home for jamming when I feel like doing some chugging and squealling but it great at gigging volumes as well though if I was going to gig with that sort of tone I'd probably get a high gain amp...although I actually like it better than the standard Recto tone.


It's the best sounding Metal pedal I've ever owned. I've never used it live because quite frankly, I don't know how well is would cut, but it's ferocious. To me, it is the original Metallica Garage Days sound in a box.


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i have one for kicks as i dont really play that brutal heavy stuff. however when pushed thru my 2 12 18 watt marshall circuit , it gives chuggin a good name. its a fun pedal for me


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I had the hyperlead when I was in an original RAWK band and my Bassman + tubescreamer wasn't going to cut it. It was good for supersaturated grunge tones. Smashing pumpkins, soundgarden, Rage, Alice in chains etc. Basically anything short of the recto stoopid bass, scooped mids thing. Ironically I thought it was pretty lame for leads. Really it was best for bruising rhythm guitar. Its probably the same circuit as the tri metal with a different voicing because it had an insane amount of gain. I never had the gain past 11:00.

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