Any VG Strat Owners out there?


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I just picked up a nice used VG today and really love all it has to offer. I picked it up at GC for $900. Just wondering anybosy elses input on the guitar? Other then the batteries, I dont see a problem with this guitar. Its built like the Deluxes or maybe even better. At least mine is. I have the maple fret board.


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I tried one... extensively...

no soul imho... but then again, no hum either.


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I found it to be a real good sound in a live band mix - blends in well and sounds like it's supposed to for the pickup sounds you are looking for - great for cover tune situations. The acoustic tones are much better when A/B split out to an acoustic amp. It's a good workhorse kind of guitar - not bad to have around for a back-up, and for the price you got it at a nice addition to the herd.

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