Any way to reduce the boost effect on a COT-50 Red?


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I'm using a COT50 Red and a Les Lius for drive/seasoning pedals. Love them both the only thing that bugs me is the COT50 gets loud when I engage it. I'd leave it on all the time and adjust my guitar accordingly, but I don't want it on all the time. I guess I'm used to engaging a pedal and only hearing the effect and not a significant jump in signal. Any suggestions? It's dialed all the way down now. I don't want to add another pedal just to tame the COT.


I run my amps 3/4 to full up when I use the cot50 as a boost. since I'm out of headroom, there's no volume increase, only an increase in rock goodness. if you don't have your amp running hot then I suggest running the cot50 into an overdrive in order to achieve a similar, albeit not as sweet, result. but you said no additional pedals so just turn up that V and reduce your headroom. What kinda amp are you using?

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I used to have that same problem. It was always a struggle to balance the tone I wanted vs. the volume increase. Well, like I said, it used to be a problem.

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