Any way to verify authenticity (also value) of an early 80s Kramer besides s/n?


There's a guy that's somewhat local selling an 83-84 Kramer Pacer with a serial number plate that starts with a C, which puts it in the 83-84 range. It has the classic headstock I think it is, the one that's vaguely Strat shaped but a little pointy on the end, not rounded. It has a real Floyd, there are no Licensed By stamps anywhere on the unit I could see. It is refinished pink, and the neck has been refinished as well to a raw maple so no lacquer on it and also no sticker or anything on the headstock. It has a Bill Lawrence 500xl pickup in the bridge but stock single coils in the middle and neck and he said the middle doesn't work, and the wiring isn't the greatest since he put the 500xl in. That's no biggie, I can resolder and just get all new pots/switches and clean it up if I need to, I just don't wanna buy a guitar that's not worth anything since it's been refinished.

He said the paint job is good, no runs or anything like that, but who knows what my eyes and opinions will say if I go look at it.



Check out and then follow links under Parts and Finishes/ Neckplate ID. Also post pics and ask about it on (that's a different site). Those guys know everything about Kramers.


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ooh, a vintage floyd rose trem (that comes with an OK parts guitar attached)...