Anybody have any luck getting cigarette smoke out of speakers?


If so what did you use?
Look online for a product called OdorZout. After my mother passed away, her house had been smoked in heavily for about 33 years and I was faced with dealing with certain books and other objects that had been in there for at least some of that time. I rigged up a 80mm computer fan to blow through a layer of OdorZout granules on cheesecloth and closed all that up with the books etc. in a plastic bin for up to a couple of weeks at a time. The product was effective. If you think you can safely spread the granules around an upturned speaker cone, that might work even better. I really think letting the items and the granules sit in moving air is key.

You're going to want to wipe down the baskets best you can; I have used a mixture of vinegar and soap for that (wear gloves) but of course be careful about getting any moisture on the cones.

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I've got an ozone generator, bought it to do an entire Ampeg Rocket amp that stank of mildew. It did a great job. They only cost about $65 or so, you can get them on Amazon, etc.

I'd suggest putting the speaker in an open box inside a trash bag, with the O3 gen inside the bag with it. Run the gen for a half hour or so, then let the speaker marinate in the ozone for a day or so. Repeat as needed to get the smell gone. Do not breathe the ozone, that's why you need an enclosure like the bag I mentioned.

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Ozone is how you get rid of it. That can either come from being outside in the sun, or from an ozone generator. I found an old electrostatic (ionic) air purifier at a thrift store that generates a lot of ozone (they all do). They're kind of dangerous to use for their intended purposes, but work well for something like this. I run that in a closet or closed box with whatever needs cleaning, and it takes care of it in a day or two. Just make sure to air out the room so you breath too much of that stuff, as it's actually dangerous.


Probably - ozone is O3, which is eager to turn into O2 by giving up an O to something else. So it's an oxidant. I think - chemistry class was decades ago...

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I have read that Ozone does not smell but when Oxone is around we smell the tissue Ozone break in our lungs and nose when we beathe.


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Ozone would probably work.
As a life-long on and offroad motorcyclist, my cure for the dreaded helmet funk is grass clippings and sunshine.
I've used it for guitar cases, too.
I bet it would work for speakers.


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The ozone generator as @Jeff Gehring said! This is the accelerated method.

I bought a Hot Rod Deluxe and a Guitar from a very old player that lived with his wife (Both very heavy smokers) in his son's basement. One bedroom. Never opened the one tiny window. They just smoked and watched TV all day in their one room: The Amp and guitar sat in the corner.
Between the amp and the Guitar, I smelled like an old Motel room whenever I played out.

I put a cardboard box full of those Hanging Car Air fresheners in the bottom and put it next to an open Garage window on a table at window level with a small fan (set on low) pulling fresh air through the open window and into the open back of the amp. The idea was the same as the ozone generator but a lot more primitive. I stored it there whenever I wasn't playing the amp. It took months. Fortunately. in Arizona, it can go months without raining through the open window. After 17 years, I still get a whiff when I open the little compartment in the guitar case to pull out a capo.



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I’ve had limited success reducing (but not fully eliminating it) with those activated charcoal bags. The trick is that really heavy smells can saturate/use up the bags quickly, so you wind up needing to stick the bags out in the sun pretty frequently to recharge/reactivate.

I had some luck sticking one of those Fridge Packs of baking soda in the back of an amp inside a road case and leaving it be for a while. Again, not complete odor elimination, but pretty good bang for buck.
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