Anybody have detailed info on adding a lead boost to a true bypass ts9?


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Does anyone have any info on how to use the old bypass switch for a lead boost on a ts9 modded for true bypass? Keeley has a modded ts9 called the frankenscreamer that is modded for true bypass and uses the existing Old switch for a lead boost and has a knob on the side to adjust the boost. Anybody have any detailed info on this mod? Pics? Any info would be awesome!


Sorry that I cannot help.
However, I did own one of those original Frankenscreamers and I was surprised to learn that the boost really only split the total volume of the original pedal - it does convert to 18v. I thought I could crank the pedal volume and then boost it further with the additional boost knob and switch - but that is NOT the case. It was a great TS but to use the boost, you would have to lower the pedal volume knob pretty much to able to hear the boost when engaged.

In a nutshell - the Frankenscreamer with the additional boost knob and switch really isn't louder than a stock TS9 - as far as total volume goes...

Here is what I got from Keeley Customer service.
"The volume boost mode on the TS9 Deluxe can only go as loud as “max” on the standard volume control. The 18v version is slightly louder than stock, but we don’t have a practical way of greatly increasing the output of that pedal (we’re kind of at the mercy of the limitations of the original circuit design at that point). If you want a considerably louder TS then the Flexi is definitely the way to go."

Here is a pic of mine that I sold:


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