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anybody in Memphis have a decent tube amp for sell?


There is a formite by the name of Thirsty One who posts here and at Harmony Central who is selling a Fuchs ODS. He lives in Memphis and I have traded with him twice.


$450 or less, decent not extroidinary!!! Thanks for the info, the members lookup is not on here anymore so i will see if i can find him and if he has anything much less expensive.scott


What are you looking for? I have a buddy here in Blytheville that normally has a few things for sale and they're always in great shape.

thirsty one

Supporting Member
Hey Scott,

I'm sorry I don't have anything in that price range, but if you would like to come by and give the amp a try you are welcome. It is a modded Fuchs ODS. I'm asking $1175 and would reduce that for a local sale.


The Weber Kitchen Sink, which is a Matchless HC-30 clone is over at Yarbrough's shop. The seller shipped it UPS and they won't pay the claim. A wire is loose on it and they can't fix it. If you could trouble shoot it I would let it go for $400. I've got over $600 in it.