Anybody play one of the GC ES-335s with split coil P90s?


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I played one of these and it was a spectacular guitar in every way. Not only was the quality and set up top notch, but P90s in a 335 sounds sweet! The bridge pickup has all the fatness and punch off a 335 but with a little cut to it that isn't harsh, and the neck pickup still has that airy sound to it, but cuts through much better (you can actually play distorted leads with it). I was also really impressed by the coil split P90s in this guitar. They could get REALLY Stratty sounds, especially with both pickups on. That setting nailed Jerry Garcia's clean tone. I think it would be really cool if somebody put a series/parallel push/pull pot on this so you have the ability to run the tapped bridge and neck in series like a humbucker. Either way, it's great already. I also really like the sating neck and relatively low price tag. I might be saving up.

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I owned one briefly for about two weeks. It was a beauty. I had been on a 335 search and decided to take it home, return it if I didn't like it. Sure enough, I just couldn't "settle" for anything less than one with humbuckers, which is what I now own.

I liked the guitar, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't for me. Played well and sounded good. The coil taps didn't really do anything for me. It also had those locking tuners that Gibson puts on some models if I'm not mistaken. If P90s are your thing, definitely worth anyone checking out.


I played one in-store, and it sounded great. At the time, though, I was looking for a guitar with humbuckers (all my single coil needs were met by my jazzmaster), so I went with a Heritage 535. Had I been in need of a P90 guitar, it definitely would have been a contender

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