Anybody resize their pedaltrains?


Probably an odd question. But I have a metro 20 (20x8), and the pedaltrain junior (18x12.5). I can't fit everything on a metro 20, but I can fit it all on the Junior. However, the junior is too deep at 12.5 inches and doesn't fit in some cases I use for gigging. Some places we play require quick in and outs, so I try to keep everything tidy. My perfect board would be 18 x 11, and I could probably just make one, or have a flat board made, but I really like the pedaltrain design. I've also considered joining two Nano+ boards together, but I think the total depth of 10 inches might be tight. So, has anybody tried modifying the pedaltrain? Maybe took a row out, re-welded, anything to get an inch and half off the depth? Just curious.
I mounted a custom cut “get off my case” board cut to the size of my pt-2 classic to top my board. It gave me more room to work with when mounting pedals closer to where the rail spacing used to be.


This Is Fine.
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or u could just build one out of lumber to your exacting need for pennies on the dollar

i have 4 homebrewed pedal boards and they are all gigworthy, because i took my time and did a good job

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