Anybody use Jamlink interface for virtual rehearsals?

el chuco

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The last post on this topic was over 1 year ago under the Sound Hound Lounge link. Since my question is gear-related, maybe posting under the Recording/Live Sound section is more appropriate. Anyway, now I find myself in a situation where my son, the bass player, moved approximately 550 miles away and I want to find a way to bring him into our studio rehearsals. I have been doing a little bit of research and the Jamlink interface has caught my attention. Currently, I use wireless T-Mobile as my internet provider and I did a bandwidth test. For jamlink to work it recommends at least 1Mbps in both the upload & download directions. I have 31.38 Mbps in the upload and 230.94 in the download, so it is well within the recommended range. Now I am very interested in the Jamlink interface. My son also uses wireless T-Mobile as his internet provider. Anyway, I want to put it out here and see if any of you have recently tried the jamlink and what has been your experience?

I would really appreciate any feedback and thank you all in advance! :rockin_____________________ :rockin

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