Anyone been to the Sam Ash in KOP, PA lately?


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Thinking about making a trip to check out their used stock. They sometimes have some nice used Strats but its been awhile since I've been there. Takes me about an hour so I figured I'd check and see if anyone knew what sort of the selection they have now. Primarily looking for used Strats, Custom Shop would be nice.



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If you call them and get s salesperson at the right time, they will run down what they have on the wall.
I have found that the new instruments remain in the store for long time periods. Sam Ash does not offer the weekly 10 to 20% sales that Guitar Center offers.
If you are interested in GC's used stuff, you can get a preview from the GC website. Go to the main website, select USED, and put in your zipcode and how many miles away you want to search. If you want guitars, select that category... the result should be all the used guitars within your mileage range.

Also, if you do a nationwide search on GC used items and you find something you're interested in, they will intra-store ship if you pay for the item in your store. The advantage to this, is you still get the 30 day return policy, so if you don't like it, you're not forced to keep it.

That opens up a lot more guitars, and there are some decent used deals to be had among the overpriced stuff.



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The have a decent '63 or '65 Jaguar but that's all I really noticed (I am biased in that direction though). I haven't found that any of the big box stores have good used selections anymore.

I suggest checking out D-Town guitars in Doylestown, PA. Great selection of new and used and the owner Rob is extremely knowledgeable and can get you most things you want at good prices.

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