Anyone Else Ditch a CryBaby Style Wah for a Morley?

I've had two Crybaby type Wah pedals that I have used for years: a Fulltone and a heavily modded Dunlop. Yesterday, I helped a friend of mine get ready for a New Years garage sale. He was planning to sell a few pedals, and let me have first shot at buying them. I ended up choosing a Morley Classic, for a new experience. When I took it home, I was in love. It was exactly what I've always wanted in a Wah. Smooth taper, wide range, subtle, not porn "wackawhacka". I've always used wahs with slide, to make it more vocal, and occasionally to add a little color to my comping, and the Morley excels at those. It shined for my purposes in A/B tests with it against both wahs.

Anyone else make the switch?


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Morleys definitely have their own thing going on, but what I missed most was being able to activate a Crybaby type wah by stepping on the treadle. What I liked about the Morley was being able to "pre cock it" to a sweet spot and be able to turn it on and off without changing the sweet spot.
Both are a lot of real estate and not so pedal board friendly when putting together a small fly rig.
I've tried a few "cocked wah" pedals to get that same filter effect, but it never translated well for me live. Either wat too much, or too little, no real middle ground that sounded convincing.
No but if you like it it's great.

The original attraction of the crybaby was a different sweep, foot action, and tonality that was an alternative to previous wahs. It's an easy wah to play.

If those things aren't for you, no reason to have one. The Morley is different in those respects. So it's just preference.
Yes. I ditched a cry baby for a morley power wah/volume as I liked the dual function and boost. Soon went back to a cry baby though as the morley wah was horrible. I muh prefered the sweep and sound of a crybaby.


Selling pedals at a garage sale? That's crazy talk! People want everything for like $0.25 at garage sales!

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