Anyone else get to this point...I may be done with these...


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With my current amp line up and the grosh electrajet I now have ( which, by the way, is making me consider buying a retro classic from them. Great guitar!!!!!)
I am strongly thinking that I really don't need a OD or distortion pedal. I mean, I've got a good fuzz, a TS type pedal, and then was in the camp for a Marshally type flavored pedal that would change things up. It just seems that once we get some grinding going, it all saturates and sounds e same.

So I was thinking of abandoning my Marshall pedal/pedal that colors my sound in a different way to maybe look at a versatile cleanish boost. One that controls the eq a bit and has plenty of volume on tap to drive the amp. I would think that would be as vesatile as anything.

Anyone do this?


Sure - I know a lot of people that like the tone of their guitar > amp and therefore use only a clean boost as a drive pedal. I would recommend the Super Hard On or a clone of that pedal. I have a T1M Mini Solo Boost that works well for this purpose. Low settings boost the clean signal, or you can crank it up a little and it drives the preamp section of your amp.

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